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According to Statista, there are mor ethan 4.25 Billion email users in 2022  and this number is expected to go up to 4.6 Billion in 2025. iDev gives you the opportunity to connect with these users through email marketing services. 

We offer a vast range of email marketing services designed to fit your needs, financial capabilities and ideal market segments. Schedule a consultation with our email marketing team and let’s discuss the importance of our services in achieving your goals.

Our email marketing services include:Email Marketing Strategy, Email Campaign Design, Email Campaign Management, Email Lead Nurturing, etc

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Email Marketing Strategy

If you have no clue on what email marketing is or how to start then you have come to the right place. We will plan and excecute our strategy according to your needs and guidelines.

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Email Campaign Design

If you are tired of plain email campaigns or designs that are outdated and not appealing then leave it to us! Our expert email designers will create email templates that your customers will definitely love!

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Email Campaign Management

If your business is lacking the time or resources to manage the email campaign we will do it for you. Let iDev build, deploy and manage the campain that converts!

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Email Lead Nurturing

Let us help you with converting your possible customers to loyal lifetime ones. Our Email Lead Nurturing services will help you drive sales as never before.

Our Other Email Marketing Services

Email Campaign Automation

You will never have to do anything, we will build deploy and automate your email marketing campaign in no time. Watch the results coming right to your inbox on a detailed report once in 2 weeks.

Email Deliverability

We make it happen, from the most technical issues on you DKIM or other domain issues to the slightest design issue that might make the email to not deliver: iDev SOLVES them all.

Domain Whitelisting

If your domain has been blacklisted for sending spam emails or any other issues, iDev helps you get it back and get its authority back in place.

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For more information on our Email Marketing services please call  or send an email at hello@idev.al

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